Zoomanji Play & Learn About Animals

Zoomanji presents a unique zoo that is located on a slope so that it can provide a different experience for tourists. Not only that, the Zoomanji tour is an educational tour that combines nature filled with dozens of pine trees, photo spots, fun games and challenges with attractive prizes. Presenting more than 40 types of animals, the theme is carried by Zoomanji himself, inspired by the film Jumanji. Visitors will feel the sensation of adventure while in Zoomanji.

Learning While Playing Exciting


Learn to Know Animals


Enjoy Various Kinds of Rides

Learn About Animals

Spot Photos And Feeding Animals

We Provide Attractive Souvenirs

Group Package

At Zoomanji Bandung you can bring groups from schools or companies because we have provided packages that you can choose at affordable prices. For more information, please contact our marketing team

Get to know the Zoomanji Animal

Zoomanji has various types of animals spread from within and outside the country.