About zoomanji bandung

Zoomanji is a unique tour that combines the concept of a zoo and Dago Dreampark adventure area. Located on Jl. Dago Giri KM 2.2 Mekarwangi, Lembang, Zoomanji presents a unique zoo located on a slope so that it can provide a different experience for tourists. Not only that, the Zoomanji tour is an educational tour that combines nature filled with dozens of pine trees, photo spots, fun games and challenges with attractive prizes. Presenting more than 40 types of animals, the theme is carried by Zoomanji himself, inspired by the film Jumanji. Visitors will feel the sensation of adventure while in Zoomanji.

Tourism that preserves nature and as a place of conservation is beneficial to nature and humans.

- Being a friendly family tour for children
- As an educational tour that can provide information and knowledge
- As a fun educational tourism innovation
- To make people aware of the importance of the existence of nature and animals
- Providing the best and wholehearted service


Profile Zoomanji Bandung

Zoomanji is an innovative tour created by Dago Dreampark by combining an adventurous experience with a zoo. It has a large area of land and Zoomanji has more than 40 types of animals with various types including cattle, reptiles, insects and mammals. The topography presented in Zoomanji has a unique shape, namely a slope surrounded by animals, so that Zoomanji is the only zoo in Indonesia which is located on a slope. The existence of unique photo spots, prizes, feeding activities, and interesting fun games can add to the completeness of your trip while at Zoomanji.

Zoomanji was established on April 23 2023 as an innovation and development of the Dago Dreampark tourist destination. Zoomanji itself carries a theme inspired by the film Jumanji, where Zoomanji will provide an adventurous experience packed in fun activities with prizes while in the Zoomanji area. Not only that, this zoo is located in a challenging slope area so that visitors will get the experience of exploring as well as finding various types of interesting animals, where all of this will be packaged as a fun game as if it were in the Jumanji movie. Zoomanji is a solution for visitors who want to experience a next-level experience that you won't get from other zoos.

Get to know the Zoomanji Animal

Zoomanji has various types of animals spread from within and outside the country